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Breezair Air Conditioners - Why Breezair?

Breezair Evaporative Air Conditioning is the most efficient whole of home cooling available and delivers clean, healthy, fresh air throughout each room.

It’s a more relaxed way of cooling your home that will suit you and your lifestyle. Having Breezair Evaporative Air conditioning in your home is like having a natural cool change.

The current Breezair model range is the Breezair® Icon® Series. The Breezair Icon is available in a range of different colours, sizes and cabinet shapes to suit any household or light industrial application. Please read on to see just how advanced the Breezair Icon actually is.

Features Summary

Breezair® units feature advanced technology and a range of unique and clever design features that combine to achieve the highest cooling performance of any similar air conditioner.

First and Only Evaporative Air Conditioner with Invertacool™ Inverter Technology Reducing Electricity Usage


Revolutionary Hushpower® Direct Drive Motor /  Icon® Series Centrifugal Fan

                      Revolutionary Hushpower® Direct Drive Motor                                       Icon® Series Centrifugal Fan

Exclusive to Breezair, this motor is super efficient and electronically controlled for optimum efficiency. Corrosion resistant, it’s the quietest motor available and has unsurpassed reliability, reduced energy use and runs at variable speeds.

Centrifugal fans are the first choice of air conditioning engineers worldwide. The Breezair forward curved, centrifugal fans are made from injection-molded polypropylene. They are double-width, inherently statically and dynamically balanced, with aerofoil blades to provide high pressure performance and very low noise levels.


WATERmiser™ Monitor / Non-Clogging Water Distribution System

      WATERmiser™ Monitor                      AQUAflow Non-Clogging Water Distribution System

The WATERmiser™ Monitor is a unique feature to Breezair, which monitors water quality to reduce consumption, minimise waste and eliminate unnecessary dumping of water.

Breezair’s AQUAflow non-clogging water distribution is one of the things that make it unique. The water distributor maximizes cooling efficiency by supplying a continuous and balanced flow of water across the cooling pads. This is different to any other brand of evaporative coolers, which are subject to water flow variations for a number of reasons. Breezair’s balanced flow ensures highest evaporation efficiency and maximum cooling.

Unique Long Life Chillcel® Pads / Weatherseal®

      Unique Long Life Chillcel® Pads   Weatherseal®     Tornado® Pump

With strong, long-lasting Chillcel® pads that last for up to seven years, maintenance is easy. Chillcel® pads are made from organic paper materials, cleverly manufactured into honeycomb panels that have excellent structural and cooling strength. They are easy to clean and replace when necessary. Seeley International has been using Chillcel pads in our products for decades, so they have a proven track record.

The AUTOWeatherseal® closes the duct automatically – stopping convection currents in winter from allowing cold air to enter, or heat to escape. When the fan is off, the Breezair AUTOWeatherseal® shuts and blocks those air currents. The result – a more comfortable environment in winter and no need to add covers during the off season.

The perfect pump for the job! The Tornado pump is built to last. Designed, manufactured and tested by Seeley International, the Tornado pump epitomizes reliability. It features very safe material choices, an encapsulated motor with overload cut-out, stainless steel shafts and bearings fully protected from water. Plus, it has a clever impact-start feature that will overcome any tendency for the pump to become locked up with residue during prolonged off periods. The strong synchronous motor has constant speed, independent of voltage fluctuations, and runs very cool.

Clever SensorTouch® Control / Clean & Dry Function

                    Clever SensorTouch® Control                                   Clean & Dry Function

Breezair air conditioners feature as standard the new SensorTouch wall controller, for simple to understand and simple to use climate control.

The cooler drains automatically when it’s not in use, preventing algae growth and maintaining a clean cooler. This applies to units fitted with a Harmony or Horizon control system.

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Breezair Brochures

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